No Time To Cook?

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“I don’t have time”.

This seems to be the excuse that every new mom agrees on. I know it was mine at some point!

We all have the same 24h in a day. I know a mom of 3 putting together simple made-from-scratch meals on the table every single day. She doesn’t have more time, and she is not less tired. I used to think she was a warrior! Then I realized: She is just committed to do this. 100% committed.

Choosing how to use your time is choosing what is the most important to you and choosing the results you want to achieve.

So If you find yourself using the “no time” excuse, let me ask you:

How committed are you to eating healthy and losing the weight for good?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Just acknowledge where you’re at. It’s okay to not be 100% committed. It means something else is your priority at the moment. But know that it is your choice. It’s not because you don’t have time!

Cooking nutrient-dense meals at home from scratch, choosing your own ingredients, is the best way to ensure that you’ll get the most nutrition possible. But cooking healthy, nutritionally dense meal does not always have to be a time-consuming process.

Cooking can change your life

Now, you might ask yourself, why do I need to cook from scratch? Well. Here is the truth. Cooking is necessary if you want to become a healthier you. There is no way around it. Most moms don’t like to hear this because convenient food is everywhere and so readily available. But it’s not always healthy.

Cooking is one of the simplest and most important steps people can take to improve their family’s health, build communities, fix our broken food system, and break our growing dependence on food corporations.

I couldn’t agree more!

Renowned activist and author Michael Pollan argues that the number 1 diet that would dramatically reverse the obesity epidemic in America is “eat whatever you want as long as you cook it yourself”.

If you had to fry your own potato chips, would you make them as often as you eat them in this convenient world?

Countries around the world that still prioritize traditional cooking have significantly less obesity and less diseases associated with diet.

So what can you do?

Ask for help

First of all, learning the basics of meal planning and prepping will be life-changing to help you be more efficient in the kitchen.

And guess what? You don’t have to be the one cooking every single meal every single day!

After I had my baby, my neighbor brought me a giant bowl of homemade lentils. Not only did I became eternally grateful (you know how much help we need in the first few weeks postpartum), but I realized that I don’t need to do this all by myself!      

Ask for help. Aside from asking for your partner to share the cooking load, here is an idea. Any special occasion? Birthday, anniversary, baby shower? Let everyone know around you (significant other, parents, friends) that you won’t accept any physical gift anymore (who needs a million cute baby outfits that you’ll never use anyway?). There are many meal delivery services now in the market and probably in your local area. Ask for organic meal delivery, instead!

Changing habits to eating healthier does not necessarily require more effort, but it definitely requires a better strategy. Look for simple recipes. Cooking doesn’t need to be complicated or take a long time. But repositioning how you use your time, spending (some) time in the kitchen, and asking for help, will empower you to achieve your overall health goals!


You’re welcome Mama ;)


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