Guilt-Free Chocolate Mousse

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Here is a delicious French dessert! And this one is for dark chocolate lovers!! I still have to find a mom who is not :)

This recipe is gluten free, dairy free & no sugar added! Only 2 ingredients and so easy to make.


  • 7 oz dark chocolate (2 chocolate bars). Look for more than 70 % cacao.

  • 6 eggs


Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Melt the chocolate au bain-marie and mix it to the yolks. Beat the egg whites with your mixer for about 3 minutes (whisk them to stiff peaks). Gently incorporate the egg whites to the melted chocolate mix (folding in with a spatula). Divide the mixture into 4 small cups or ramekins, and place them in the refrigerator for 2 hours before serving. Enjoy!!

Cooking Tip:

A bain-marie is a container holding hot water into which another container is placed for slow-cooking. You can simply place a small pot (containing the chocolate cut into pieces) in a larger pot filled with water (about half way up the sides of the smaller pot). Melt the chocolate on low heat.


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