Why Every Mom Needs A Health Coach

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There’s no one with less free time than a new mom. Between postpartum recovery, sleep deprivation, the need to constantly care for a little one, running the house or working… you get the picture.

New moms are busy, tired, and living the kind of life where you grab a snack at the kitchen counter because that’s all the time you’ve got.

So why should moms work with a health coach?

What is a health coach?

Health coaches aren’t doctors or magicians. We don’t prescribe pills or potions. We’re into keeping it simple: teaching you to use food and simple lifestyle habits to feel your best.

Whatever your personal health goals may be, working with a health coach 1:1 can help you achieve them.

Health coaches provide guidance, support and accountability in areas including: sustainable weight management, improving your relationship with food, improving digestion and nutrient absorption, understand what healthy eating means for you, increasing energy and mental clarity, boosting skin and hair, increasing immunity, reducing stress and anxiety, reversing allergies, getting deep and restful sleep, prioritizing self-care, maintaining a positive and healthy mindset, improving life satisfaction. My specialty is to help my clients lose weight after they’ve had their baby, and I suggest seeking out a health coach that matches your needs!

A health coach will not just address your symptoms, but will help you uncover the root cause of your health discomfort. And this is why the changes that occur will be permanent.

The only way to break a pattern in your life is to change a behavior AND a belief.

A coach will help you have a different perspective on your life and personal story. Spiritual Advisor, Marianne Williamson, describes a miracle as a shift in perception. This is why having a coach can help you discover a new self. It’s like introducing yourself to yourself again!

A coach is not a friend!

A coach will create a safe environment for you to share difficult experiences and issues in your life, with no judgment.  

As a coach, I will help you find answers to your own challenges, and help you sculpt appropriate goals.

I will also challenge you. I might give you uncomfortable and difficult feedback to help you grow. This is what friends are usually not very good at! It’s easier to hear feedback from someone who is completely removed from your life than from a close friend or relative.

A coach helps to keep you accountable

A health coach not only teaches you how to reclaim your best health, but holds you accountable for doing it. And that might be the most important factor of all!

You need to be constantly checking in with someone who can give you expert feedback and guide you to make better choices, build better habits, and get better results!

Sure, you could choose a friend to hold you accountable, but professional accountability has shown to be WAY more effective.

Many studies have found that being accountable to a professional (such as a health coach, nutritionist or a trainer) was significantly more effective for weight loss than being accountable to a non-expert.

A coach will help you to gain momentum and not quit! Most coaches work with their clients over a certain period of time, because making a permanent change is NOT a quick fix.

Why for mamas?

Modern moms have very little to no support in their babies first year and often feel overwhelmed and lonely.

A coach will help you discover the solution to making yourself a priority despite the challenges that you face as a new mama.

My goal for you is to love your post-baby body. I know for myself that I now love my body more than I ever did before! I want to help you appreciate your body for what it does for you instead of focusing on how it looks all the time.

Mama, putting yourself first is not selfish. Self-care is an absolute necessity for moms because they have little ones who need a health model for life!

In our coaching sessions, we will develop a personalized nutrition plan and lifestyle protocols adapted to your individual needs that will help you lose weight and improve your health and energy, so that you can achieve more. I will help you to get clear on your goals, develop a strategic action plan and give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Contact me to find out how I might be able to help you reach your post-baby health goals!


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