Quick And Simple Tips to Help Moms Lose Weight Now

Why you can’t lose weight after having a baby….

In this podcast episode of the Real Happy Mom, I bust 6 common myths/excuses why moms can't lose the excess weight and I share practical tips that you can start implementing right NOW!

Why is it so hard for new moms to lose weight? Moms seem to have the best excuses not to take care of themselves! What are these excuses?

1. I don’t have time

2. I’m too busy

3. It’s too expensive to eat healthy

4. I’m too tired to exercise

5. I have a picky eater

6. I love (junk) food

Today on the podcast I bust these 6 excuses, and I share ONE secret to help you lose weight for good.

Listen to episode 29 of the Real Happy Mom Podcast here:



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