WHY do you want to lose weight?


When I ask a mom why she wants to lose weight, I hear lots of different answers. I never assume that I know her reasons!

Some women want to look good naked (or in bikini) for their summer vacations and some just want to be able to run after their kids.

It’s not about your body size.

There are all different body sizes out there and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s important to embrace our uniqueness.

For the longest time, I was judging myself really hard about having a pear shape. Yes I have generous hips. And I tried very hard to reduce their size. Until one day, I said “no more”. What am I chasing? The perfect body?

The irony is: top models with the modern beauty standard “ideal body” are totally obsessed with their bodies not being ideal!

I have been a pilates trainer for 10 years, and when I lived in NYC I trained some very famous models. One, in particular, I thought was absolutely gorgeous. And you know what? Every time I would train her, she would complain about her belly not being as flat as she wanted it to be. And believe me, her belly was very, very flat!

I learned a lesson in that job. You decide what you focus on. You can focus on all the things you don’t like about your body or you can focus on all the things you do like. No matter what body shape you have, no matter how your body looks, you decide if you want to welcome it and care for it, or you decide to reject it and hate it. That’s right… it’s your decision.

How can you love your body?

Let’s go back to my hips. Instead of trying to make them different, I decided to fall in love with my hips. I decided to find the right clothes for my specific body shape that makes me feel confident and feminine. Instead of obsessing on my hips, I obsessed over my new confidence. The direct consequence to this mindset shift was that I started losing weight effortlessly.

When we set ourselves a goal, it’s always to chase a feeling that we believe the goal will bring us.

So, WHY do you want to lose weight?

What feeling are you after?

If you try to lose weight in order to fit a certain image of what you believe the perfect body should be, you’re losing weight for the wrong reasons. Review your expectations.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t pursue losing weight? Absolutely not!

It’s not about your body shape though. It’s about how you decide to feel and think about your body.

Aren’t we all just trying to feel better in our bodies? I believe this is the ultimate goal. My point is, how about you start to feel better and accept your body NOW.

Losing weight will probably help you feel lighter, stronger, have that glow on your skin and the energy to achieve more. It will make you step into the empowered YOU.

What I was chasing by losing weight was confidence and trust in myself.

So, ask yourself your WHY. This will shift your mindset in a very powerful way.

Hips don’t lie :)


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