Postpartum Meal Plan for Long-Term Weight Loss


In my last post, I advised you to stay away from the keto diet. 

Whenever I meet a mom considering going on a fad diet, I always remind her to keep food in perspective. It’s a gift. It’s how we nourish ourselves, our families, and stay well.

Instead, any woman looking to shed some pounds, especially after having a baby, should nourish herself well, engage in physical activity like walking, and be good to herself by eating fresh, whole, minimally processed organic foods.

We fall prey to wacko diets, but the truth is there’s no quick fix. Cutting refined carbs (think white bread, pasta, processed sugar) and replacing them with fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, cutting processed foods, and avoiding too many additives will keep you healthy in the long term.

If you are struggling with sugar cravings, chances are you need to keep your metabolism and insulin levels more regular. My food protocol for new moms is optimal to support hormonal balance.

Here is how to build a healthy meal to lose the baby weight:

  • 50 % of fruits and veggies. This is half of your plate. Remember to eat a rainbow!

  • Don’t go heavy on the protein - 20% is all you need. Go for plant based or high quality, lean proteins.

  • 10 % of healthy fats are key for weight loss, hormone balancing, and beautiful skin. 

  • 20 % of grains. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and keep you fuller longer. 


Below is an example of daily meal plan I offer to my clients for sustainable results:



Smoothie with coconut milk, spinach, blueberries, flaxseeds and hemp seeds


Oatmeal topped with blueberries, ground flaxseed and slivered almonds



Mixed green Salad with veggies and grilled chicken topped with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar


Taco lettuce cups with ground turkey, peppers, avocado, tomatoes in a lettuce cup



Grilled/baked halibut with brown rice and steamed kale with  lemon juice


Vegetarian chili or Turkey chili



SNACK (mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon): 


Handful of nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc…)


Carrot sticks with hummus


Apple slices with almond butter


Switching to a real food diet in this day and time in the western world is actually not such an easy task! Convenient (and bad quality) food is available everywhere and we end up overeating so easily. We are not even aware anymore if we are really hungry or not. 

Following my meal plan and honoring your hunger cues will support your body to function properly, meaning with optimal hormonal balance, keeping your blood sugar balanced, your adrenals supported, and your female hormones happy!


Are you up for the challenge? Try my daily menu, mama, and let me know how you felt that day. That’s right, simply take it one day at a time.


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