Hey mama,

How often do you find yourself thinking…

  • Why is the baby weight just not coming off?

  • Is my body ever going to bounce back? Why do I still look pregnant?

  • I want to feel “normal” again! I don’t feel like myself anymore.

  • I am so freaking tired! Am I ever going to sleep again?


If this is YOU, I totally get it. I’ve been there! After having my baby, I felt totally physically, mentally and emotionally imbalanced.

In our culture we focus primarily on the baby’s health....but what about yours?

The best gift you can give to your children is a happy mom.

You deserve a body that is healthy, strong, and powerful.

You deserve a mind that doesn’t tell you that you’re fat or pathetic or hopeless (or those other mean things your mind says) every day.

As a mom, you deserve a life that is passionate, fun, energetic, and fueled with confidence!

Imagine if in a few months…


  • You wake up in the morning, stretch your legs and feel like a million bucks. Your mind is still and calm. You feel energy already radiating throughout your body just waiting to spring you out of bed and into a life you love.

  • You are proud of what you see in the mirror.

  • You sail through your to do list, laugh out loud, live freely, and love like nothing else matters.

  • You have gained confidence in raising your baby in a way that is meaningful to you.

  • You have created a loving bond with your baby, your husband and YOURSELF.

Laura understands how to balance the demands of modern life, especially motherhood, with the need to care for yourself and your health. As a coach, she is both empathetic and solution oriented.  She will work with you and your particular needs, habits, and goals to develop a unique plan that will work for you, and she will be there to support you every step of the way.”



Are you ready to take the next step?

Let’s come up with a solid game plan losing this baby weight for good,
so you can be the gorgeous mom you want to be!


Laura is extremely knowledgable and listens actively. She is an advocate for you, using her training and vast experience, to help you reach your goals, and experience more joy.



New Mom New You

12-Weeks Transformational Coaching Program

The New Mom New You protocol not only helps moms lose weight permanently, but it also helps you become a calm and happy new mom inside a body you love. This 12-week online program is a mind and body approach to postpartum weight loss and hormonal balancing. It will not only help you lose weight but gain calm confidence and inner strength as you start this next chapter of Motherhood.

During our time together we will…

Nourish your BODY

  • We will deeply nourish your body and discover the foods that are best for you to eat for optimal hormonal balance.

  • We will co-create a customized nutrition plan that will best support your body.

Nourish your MIND

  • We will explore the psychology of the way you eat.

  • You will learn how to improve and stabilize your moods, and get steady energy.

  • You will find emotional health by taking a deep dive into your thoughts and beliefs.

Nourish your SOUL

  • We will explore your relationship with yourself and discover tools to help you support new healthy habits, and become a happier and calmer mama.

  • We will identify your unique needs, and learn about who you really are.

The New Mom New You program includes:

  • 6 x 45 min private coaching calls (video-conference, or phone, at your convenience) to address obstacles and challenges

  • Life time access to the full 12 weeks online program, weight loss and hormone balancing protocol and modules.

  • Personalized Transformational Nutrition Protocol to determine nutrient deficiencies, imbalances, and customized plan that’s geared specifically to you!

  • 24/7 online support community in the private members only Facebook group.

  • Weekly Q & A Group Sessions to answer any burning questions.

  • Customized follow-up action plans after every coaching calls.

  • Customized supplement protocol, designed with your unique needs in mind.

  • Personalized exercise recommendations to help you strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominals.

The New Mom New You includes 2 bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach Approved weight-loss and hormone balancing Cookbook (including quick and easy 38 recipes!)

  • BONUS #2: 21-Day completely done-for-you weight loss and hormone balancing meal plan

Imagine getting the perfect start to motherhood, easily enjoying the precious moments that are so short-lived, in the body you love.

It’s your time to prepare for your journey and finally transform yourself into a new, aligned you!



I wanted to adopt a healthier way of eating and had little success losing weight on my own. One of the best benefits of working with Laura is how comfortable she makes you feel. Her coaching provided me with support, encouragement, and the expertise I needed to push through … and I reached my goal! I would recommend Laura as a coach to anyone who needs support and guidance to achieve your personal goal.